2 Casts...2 Bucks

My Chunkster

Tom's Beefy Hawg

Another one for the hatchery

Summer Run

Fuckin Hippie

Nice Chehalis hatch job

Used 4 Brood, U can thank me in 4 years

Nice Fish

Nice Dog

What the Fuck!

Chunky Mama

Go Tom Go !

Camalama Ding Dong

Nice Pinner

Jeffery Tommer

Oooooh....... Marlboro Man!

Taste the sun

Substantial Beast for The Chronic One

Felix doin the Fly thing on The Fraser

Hungry little fucker


Fat Muchacho on the Pinsky

Boss Hawg

Boss Hawger

Steel Deal

Wild Thing

8# Buck

L'il Tiddly-Wink

Beauty Buck

First hatch job to go back in 2004!

Ugly Buck

First hatch job to die in 2004!

Martin landing a late Chehalis chromer

14 lb chromer caught in April

Flyers Suck!

Chrome & Chrome

G-Man on the Loose

Ted Peck

Bobby Smith

Todd wih a Lil'un

First Hatch job..17#

Davey G-man rockin the river

Go home nice fishy

Tom McCool

Guy Smiley

This one got to see another day!

Tom Mchugh with some McHuge Steel

Johnny With his Firstr Taste of Iron.

Todd Smacked em Good This Day

I Kinda Wanted to Forget This Day

Little scrapper for Toddsky

Didn't have the digital for this wild buck

The orange toque curse is broken!

This baby got to go home

Such a Nice Fish Desreves 2 Pics

First Fish of 04 for Julio

First Fish on the new centrepin

Sugar Shane playing steel guitar

Need the whiskey in these conditions

Really Cool Steely pic!

Felix with a rosy Thompson Buck

What's up with your eyes Dave?

Bad moon risin

Ferix wit a velly velly clome feesh!

Dave Georgelin hiitin some Iron

Casey stickin his pinkdink into iron

Tom belongs on the cover of a mag

OK so I like fishing in the snow

Had to take 2 pics of this one

Super StaveDave with a hefty hawg

Tom the man lettin one go!

Big Reefer's first steely on the fly

Holy Shit!

Used my friends centerpin for 10 min.

Heh Heh

Ol' man Reefer with a Vedder Steely

Fricken Kewl!

One of StaveDave's comrades

Felix at the Chehalis

Dave G. With a hefty slab o' chrome

Well Done Sheldon...His Very First Steelie!

Bigass hatch doe from Chilliwack

Go Dave Go!

Felix with a FatFuck

Kieta Kissing Steel

Rick lettin a beauty go back home.

Randy with a Nice Flycaught Chromer

Big Reefer with a Big Buck

Casey G with a nice Skeena trib beauty.

Fishing with StaveDave

Nice little scrapper

Jeff with a sweet ass MoFo

Nice Dog!

Thompson steely on 8lb tippet

Mike's entry to the Man of Steel club

Dave G with a spoonfed Ironhead

Browndog at the Skeena

Very first Ironhead for Big R.

Cousin Arne with a beauty

Snow & Steel