Pops landing a 20#er

Me n' dad having a great ole time

33# tyee ........... Hubba Bubba

Twas a bonnie day on the water


Awe... little baby springer

Proud Blair

Dave with a beast i

Top Rod Todd !

Lil Guffer

Hey... wassup wit dat?

L'il Baby Spring


Todd with another beauty

Holy Hawgs!

Bigga Feesha



Pointy nosed buck

Trouty lookin chinook


I'm in the club

One of these fish is not like the other ones...or is it?

Summer Spring Falls

Nice Job Kid


Daves 1st spring

Felix with a beauty chinook on the fly

Smoke Another One

L'il Baby Spring

Oh my God!

Toddski with the whitey on the Flyski

Fricken Eh!

Raffmaster with his first Big Smiley!


Tightey Whitey

Chronic Mike doin some damage


Momma Mia

Fat & Sassy

Redneck with a red spring


Same fish, different camera

TomDog bringing home the meat


My dad with his first Chinook

One of the rare tasty whites!

Same place, different fish

Nice boat = Nice fish

Jenny Springer

Jerry Springer

Heeuuuuge! Red Spring

Chedder Red Boot

Sugar Shane with a Beau

Holy Hawgs!

Big Bully

3 happy fishermen


Father and Son

David with a Hawgatha Christie

Nicely Done

Dubble Bubble


Three Stooges




Future Flosser

Good day 4 dad

Snakey Red Spring

32# first Tyee

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Very first white  (beek)

Flyfishing with    Mark Simson

Nice Red

Chuck Love V 2.0


This one came after the 25 sockeye

Hal's very first Red Spring

Oh Canada

Go Flyers Go!

We had a good day

Sugar Shanel

Matt Pavan's first Chinook

What a pro!

Couple of l'iluns for me and a pal

35#er for David

But mom, it's good for the smoker...NOT

John Gregson

Brian Mckinlay's picture

Brian Mckinlay's picture

Brian Mckinlay's picture

Brian Mckinlay's picture

Shelvis with a nice Hog!


Tom Mchugh...or the Son of Satan?

32# of bar

Chehalis Chuck

Brian Mckinlay's picture

Ugly Vedder Whitey
Clome Feesh
Clome Feesh

Some dude with a chrome red momma
Mike "Moose" Dango Shushwap River

They may be ugly... but what a fight

Big Reefer's fish got to go back

Full Pull

Eww...I ain't to proud of this one

Colin with a tightey whitey
Cousin Todd got a good fight on the Fly

That water looks like shit!