Cheakamus beauty

Big Momma

Big ho

Chrome Ho

Top Rod!

Tuff Guy

Sweet Doe

Big Daddy

Happy Guy

Pro Face !

Look at me mom

Starin to get a little loopy

Enormous wild Coho Salmon on the fly

Rockin the Casbah

Loosin it

Lost it

Awesome picture

Big Daddy

Fattie on the fly


Great spot


Sweet Chromer


Nothing beats Coho on the fly

Smoke on the water

Incredible Fight !

Infamous Todd Ko

He swears its a Ho

Rainy day hoho

Tommy 2 Cool

Tom Kickin arse again !

Todd with a nice specimen

Big Buck

Big Buckaroo on the fly !


1st cast fish

Big Ho

Large Wilder

Great Day!

Doubleheader - Not the pornstar kind!

Nice Shot

You say tomato.... I say tomoto


Father n Son time


Need 2 hire a new cameraman!

Nice Day

Shitty Camera !

Clome Mama !

Sweet Jacket!

Nice Noho!

Im at a loss for words except HOLYSHIT

Tofino Ho

One Happy Man

One Unhappy Fish

Rock On!


What th'

Nice ho

Nice torch

Super Dave Georgelin

What a fog!

What the fog is going on?

Top-Rod Pose

Sears Catalog Pose
Mark Simson
Big Asshole with a Big Ass Ho

One happy man.
One miserable fish.

Rolled out of bed and smacked a ho

Thumper doin the do-see-do with a big fat ho
Mark Simson
He's a Super-Beek...

Colin proudly holding his first Ho

The Humpback of  Bell Acres

Hot mamma
Mark Simson
Lou Sir

Wee Todd
Mark Simson
Cuzzin Todd
Cuzzin Todd Smakin a Ho
Mark Simson
Nice Boat, Not Boot
Mark Simson
Ooooh Baby
Bigga Bigga Fisha
Mark Simson
Sweet Picture

Swim...Be Free
Mark Simson
Mark Simson
Big Booty Returned to Sender
Mark Simson
Flyers Rule!
Nice Life!
HoHoho and a Bottle of Rum
Felix Casts on Water
Felix Strips on Water
Felix Catches on Water
The end Result
Guess Who?
Mark Simson
Huge Vedder Ho
Mark Simson
Vedder Chromer in the Sun
Mark Simson
Me Gots Me Pipp
Mark Simson
Good Day with the Christmas Tree
Dave Simson
Dad with a Holy Moly Ho Ho
Tom McPoo
Tom M. Flyfish Writer
Mark Simson
Nice Day ath The Che
Mike Aoki
Mike Aoki's first Coho at Stave
Eric Smokin a Ho'
Mark Simson
7 lber from Chehalis canyon
Mark Simson
First Coho
Mark Simson
This one got to see another day
Mark Simson
Return to sender after a quick picture

Eric with a nice Harrison Ho'

Slimy 'ho caught by StaveDave

Early Morning Vedder Coho

Dave with a Bella Coola Monster
Mark Simson
Chrome 11 lber

12 lber closeup

One big fattie


Cheezy Grin
Big Reefer
Pair of Chehalis beauties

Fricken Moron

StaveDave is so cool

Browndog with some Chilliwack ho'

Nice Stave Ho'

Dave G with a monster Vedder buck

Dave Georgelin holding a Holy Ho'

StaveDave with an outright massive 'ho

Dave Georgelin with a nice chromer

Eric likes those Harry Ho's

Browndog hittin some chrome at the Che'

Un-fricken believeable!

Brett Rafferty on the Chuck

Brian Mckinlay's Picture


4 some anyone?

Nice Chehalis Ho' for Chucky

Stormy Weather?

Why do you think he is called StaveDave?

John Gregson

Felix with a saucy Ho.

Rick with a slimy ho'

Sorry dude, lost your email. Real nice fish tho.

Grab this rod and Jack off
StaveDave with a sweetass 12 lber

C&R Coho

Early Morning Stave Fish Fest